A warmer, more



50% of the heat lost from a well insulated home with single glazing goes out through the windows.


With Dualglaze double glazing approximately 51% of the heat is prevented from escaping.

A drier* home

is a healthier


Dampness and mould is a real problem in many New Zealand homes. Double glazing greatly reduces the risk of condensation.


With Dualglaze double glazing less time will be spent mopping up wet windows.

* In conjunction with the installation of Dualglaze, it is recommended that an active or passive ventilation system is also installed to achieve an even drier home.

A quiet,

peaceful home

Silence that distracting outside noise and turn your
home into a quiet sanctuary with Dualglaze.


Double glazing provides a sound buffer against exterior
noises. By using Dualglaze double glazing the perceived
noise can be reduced by up to 50% of its previous level.

Saving you

money in the

long term

Double glazed units are designed to retain heat inside during winter and reduce heat gain during summer. This makes keeping your home at the ideal temperature much more cost effective, giving you a gradual payback on your investment.




In New Zealand's harsh UV climate, fading of furnishings and carpets can be a significant problem. Dualglaze double glazing greatly reduces the amount of UV light in your home.


Feel safer

in your home

Glazing Regulations have changed in recent years
and replacement of your existing glass with new safety
glass will result in a more secure and safer home.


Security can be further enhanced by using Dualglaze's
extensive range of hardware options including locks,
bolts and security stays.


existing windows and doors

If your current windows and doors are past it, or you're doing
renovations, Dualglaze offer completely new joinery from the
Fletcher Window & Door Systems range.